8 Secret Strategies 2

8 Secret Strategies 2

Secret Strategy 2: Pre-Home Inspection

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"Leo signed the “Coming Soon” listing agreement in October with an April on
the market date. We ordered the pre-home inspection a few months before
Showtime, the first day on the market. This allowed Leo time to make all the
necessary repairs before showcasing his home to prospective buyers. Also, we
saved Leo money because now we had the time to negotiate the cost of those
repairs. We made sure the repairs were made correctly. We had several
months, so we were able to do one repair at a time and not create any stress
for Leo. Leo picked from the Cardano Expert’s long list of licensed contractors.
This made him feel comfortable that the repairs would be done correctly and
in a timely manner. If not, that contractor would be off our list.."

Make sure the Realtor® you choose uses the “Pre-Home Inspection” strategy in their “Marketing Plan”. They should have a home inspector in their sphere to introduce to you that offers discounted rates for the home inspection. Once you get the report back from the inspector, go over the list of the defective items with your Real Estate Expert. They should recommend the repairs you should do before settlement. The buyer will now not only have the full inspection report to review before making an offer, but also a list of repairs you have done or will do before settlement. Keep in mind that you do not have to do ALL the repairs. Go to www.PreHouseInspection.com to get the complete details about this one strategy that can save you thousands  of dollars.


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