1.      What is the neighborhood (and your neighbors) like...are their certain features in the area that would effect the value of this property in the future?

2.      What are the realty taxes on the home?

3.      What are the utility costs...especially electricity if the home is electrically heated?

4.      How far do I have to travel for schools, public transit, and shopping?

5.      What  major repair expenses do I have to look forward to within the next two  years?

6.      What is the traffic flow in front of or near the property... any main roads, bus routes or railway tracks?

7.      Are there any utilities easements or encroachments over the property?

8.      Is there a fairly recent survey that shows all the building  and additions on the property?

9.      Has the property had a home inspection done when the present owners bought that you could check to see what minor and major problems there were?  Ask the vender for a list of those problems that were fixed!

10. Has the homeowner signed a disclosure document? (After January 1, 1995 they became mandatory.)

11. How much are the closing costs...is there a better time in the month to close to minimize them?

12. Who has the best rates and service in the mortgage field...bankers or mortgage brokers?

13. How do you select the best lender to work with?

14. What are the other comparable homes in the area selling for?  You don’t want to overpay or get carried away by snazzy finishing touches in a home which may be priced higher than other neighborhood homes.

15. How flexible are venders usually on their asking price?

16. At what price do we start with when we go to put in an offer?

17. How is my financing approval determined?  Is there any beneficial existing financing on the property that I can assume?

18. What does the yard look like when it isn’t covered with snow?  Are there any problems with drainage or runoff after heavy rain or in the spring?

19. Does the basement show any signs of moisture...can it be fixed simply by cleaning/repairing the even though or is it a more serious problem?

20. What can I have included in the sale?  Are there any exclusions?