The holidays are fast approaching, and many of us are getting ready for traveling. Whether you’re heading south for the winter, taking a small vacation or heading to grandmom’s, you may find yourself in a tighter lodging solution than your home, or the gym! But we have you covered! Here are a few workout tips when you’re away from home!

1.)    Use your backpack!  Believe it or not, a backpack is a great impromptu weight! Why? You can load and unload weight as needed, it has comfortable straps, and chances are that if you’re traveling, you already have one with you! With this substitute, you can curl, squat, or even “press” it! If you’re careful and strong enough, you can even wear it while doing pushups. Remember, don’t overload it, and be careful! The key to a good workout is being prepared and not overly straining yourself.


2.)    Don’t forget simple maneuvers like sit-ups, toe-touches, and planks. These three work-outs are a great way to tone your tummy! Don’t forget to rest between each rep and most importantly, STRETCH beforehand.

3.)    Take the stairs! Many of us going to hotels generally are tired from our travels to our temporary rooms

and walk right by the stairs to the elevator. Well, try not to! Walking up and down the stairs is a great, simple exercise. And when you’re not climbing stairs, walk briskly to help as part of a cardio regimen.