On Thursday, the Abington School District held a joint training program for district staff on the concerns of concussions in student athletes.

The school district partnered with Abington Memorial Hospital on a program to identify concussions in Abington athletes. Hospital staff was on hand to train coaches, nurses and physical education and health teachers on recognizing and tending to possible concussions on the fields and floors, and on ImPACT testing, which athletes have been undergoing.

According to a CBS 3 report, Abington Memorial Hospital's chief of neurosurgery Dr. Steven Barrer said:

“We have learned a lot more about concussions over the last five to ten years and how serious they can be, and how seriously they have to be taken — as opposed to the old coaches advice to just walk it off.”

See the whole report here.

The district is also sponsoring a session on the topic for parents and athletes on Oct. 1.

Also, Abington Memorial Hospital’s Neurosciences Institute is establishing a concussion program for all athletes, parents, coaches, and trainers with available staffing 24 hours a day, every day. Trained doctors will be on call and examination and testing appointments will be guaranteed within 24 to 48 hours.


Courtesy of Patch.com