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Tuesday Morning Bites!

by Diane Cardano-Casacio & Her Team

Football season is well under way, and the holidays are just around the corner. Are you looking for new and interesting appetizers to keep your guests, friends, (and of course you and your family) entertained and snacking healthy?  Here are some awesome Paleo diet friendly recipes that everyone will enjoy! Special thanks to Nom Nom Paleo for the inspiration!

Porkitos! (a.k.a. Crispy Prosciutto Chips)


3 ounces of thinly sliced Prosciutto di Parma (Try to get freshly-sliced prosciutto from the deli counter and make sure they cut it paper thin.)

Here’s how to make ‘em:

Preheat the oven to 350°F with the rack in the middle. Line a rimmed baking sheet with a piece of parchment paper. Place the prosciutto in a single layer on top. Don’t overcrowd the swine or it won’t crisp properly. Once the oven is ready, place the the tray in the oven. Bake for 10-15 minutes (depending on the thickness of your prosciutto slices) or until crunchy. Watch your chips like a hawk to make sure they don’t burn. Burnt chips are awful! Transfer the chips to a wire rack to cool. They’ll actually get crunchier as they cool, so it’s better to err on the side of under-baking them.


Roasted Rosemary Almonds


    2 cups skin-on whole raw almonds •2 tablespoons dried rosemary• 2 teaspoons Kosher salt•1/4 teaspoon freshly-ground pepper •1 tablespoon butter or ghee

Here’s How to Make ‘em:

Assemble your ingredients and melt the butter in large skillet over medium-low heat. Once the butter starts bubbling, throw in the almonds (making sure they’re in a single layer) and stir until coated. Add rosemary, salt, and pepper. Toast the almonds in the skillet, stirring often, until slightly darkened and aromatic (about 8 to 12 minutes). Remove almonds and place on paper towel until cooled to room temperature. Store these yummy seasoned nuts in a sealed Tupperware container.




    3 avocados •Juice from 1 lime•1 small shallot, minced• salt (approximately 3 generous finger-pinches of Kosher salt) &freshly ground pepper •Aleppo pepper (optional)

Here’s How to Make ‘em:

In a medium bowl, combine the minced shallot, salt, and lime juice. Let sit for 10 minutes. Pit and peel avocados. Take half of the flesh and mash it in a bowl with a fork. Pour the lime mixture into the bowl and combine with the mashed avocado. Dice the remainder of the avocado flesh into 3/4-inch cubes and gently incorporate into the mixture in the bowl. Add freshly ground pepper and Aleppo pepper to taste.

Local Weekend Events! 10/12-10/13

by Diane Cardano-Casacio & Her Team

Hopefully this week’s rain will pass and allow us a wonderful cool Fall weekend. Here are some the events going on in our neighborhood!

October 12th:

2nd Annual Keswick Village Fall Festival: 12-6pm

Keswick Village Business Association in conjunction with Abington Township will be holding their 2nd Annual Keswick Village Fall Festival on Saturday, October 12th from 12 to 6pm. Keswick Avenue will be closed between Easton Road and Abington Avenue allowing everyone  to enjoy area businesses, food vendors, crafts, music, entertainment and fun for the whole family. Loads of fun awaits you in what has now become an annual tradition, and it’s a great opportunity to get started on holiday shopping while supporting local businesses. Designated Parking: At New Life Presbyterian Church located one block from the event at 467 N Easton Rd Glenside, PA 19038. For more information, visit . Their rain date will be Sunday, October 13th.

Abington Marching Ghosts Show in Upper Moreland High School: 6-10pm

Rain or shine, come watch our local Abington Marching Ghosts band play at Upper Moreland High School!  This year’s show, “The Break of Day” is an interesting and beautiful take on the hours between 3 AM and 7 AM. The whole marching band show starts at 6:00 at Upper Moreland High School, and lasts until the awards ceremony at 10:00 PM. Go to for more information.

October 13th:

Jenkintown Farmer’s Market: 9am-1pm

The weather is looking to be partly cloudy and col this Sunday, so why not enjoy the first October Sunday at the Jenkintown Farmers Market? It runs from 9 AM to 1 PM and promises to be full of fresh fall produce, homemade goodies and other great items up for your perusal. They are located at 703 Greenwood Ave Jenkintown, PA 19046.


Know about an event going near you? Please share! Email us at !

9 Ways to Prepare Your Home For Winter

by Diane Cardano-Casacio & Her Team

Now that the cool and sometimes even chilly Fall nights are upon us, it’s time to do some serious thinking about Winter. Holiday season is nearly here, and while we’re all getting ready to celebrate…we don’t want to forget some important tips to keep your home safe and cozy when the temperatures drop and the snow begins to fall.

  1. Call Your Chimney Sweep!  Wood fires are lovely, and for many people, invoke memories of cool Fall and Winter nights spent with loved ones. But it’s important to remember to make sure your chimney in your fireplace is ready for the season! Burning wood releases volatile gases that cool and condense on the inside of the chimney, forming sticky, smelly, highly flammable creosote. If enough is allowed to build up, you run a risk of a chimney fire. Also make sure the damper is working properly and that the chimney is capped with screening to keep out critters.
  2. Make Sure Your Windows Are Airtight! According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 10 percent of the air that leaks out of a house exits through the windows. Caulk around window frames and apply weather stripping between the sash and window frame to eliminate air leakage.
  3. Clean the Gutters! Even if they have simply accumulated a season's worth of fallen leaves, get them cleaned out before winter rains and snows arrive. After scooping out leaves and debris, flush the gutters and downspouts with a strong stream of water from a hose. This will ensure it washes away any dirt, debris and seeds.
  4. Get Your Furnace Inspected! Call an HVAC professional to check the fan belt that runs the blower, vacuum out dust and debris, and oil the bearings if necessary. Act now, because once winter hits, these professionals will be busy once the weather turns frigid. Look for a heating and air-conditioning contractor that belongs to the Air Conditioning Contractors of America and employs technicians certified by the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) program. The contractor should follow the protocol for ACCAs "national standard for residential maintenance" (or the QM, short for "quality maintenance"). Buy enough filters to see you through the winter months and change them monthly--when filters become clogged with dust, the furnace doesn't operate efficiently and your energy bill goes up.
  5. Protect Your Pipes From Freezing!  Minimize the possibility of water freezing in your plumbing pipes (causing them to burst), wrap each pipe in a blanket of foam insulation. Check hardware stores for these foam tubes, which have a slit on one side. Just cut the tube to the length you need, pull the slit open, and push the tube onto the pipe. You can secure it with duct tape, if needed.
  6. Reverse Your Ceiling Fan! If your ceiling fan has a reverse switch, use it to run the fan's blades in a clockwise direction after you turn on your heat. Energy Star says the fan will produce an updraft and push down into the room heated air from the ceiling (remember, hot air rises).
  7. Mulch Your Leaves While You Mow! Mow your leaves instead of raking them; say studies at the University of Michigan and Purdue. The trick is to cut the leaves, while dry, into dime-sized pieces that will fall among the grass blades, where they will decompose and nourish your lawn over the winter.
  8. Looking to Do Some Landscaping? You may be tempted to get out the pruning shears after the leaves fall, when you can first see the underlying structure of the plant. But horticulturalists advise waiting to prune until late winter for most plants, when they've been long dormant and just before spring growth begins.
  9. Restock Your Winter Essentials Now! Don’t wait until the first winter storm approaches; or you may be greeted with empty shelves. Stock up on some rock salt and ice melt now. Check your shovels to make sure they’re not damaged in any way, and if you have one, make sure your snow blower is maintained and ready to go when the next snowfall hits!

Local Weekend Events! 10/05-10/06

by Diane Cardano-Casacio & Her Team

Looking for something to do on the weekends? Well, we have you covered! Here are some of the cool and fun things we heard about going on this weekend in the Abington/Jenkintown area!

Saturday October 5th

-Love animals? Then you’re going to love this! Whole Foods in Jenkintown will be hosting a Pet Festival were you can bring your (leashed) furry friend and enjoy an early afternoon of fun contests, a do-it-yourself pet salon, all sorts of free goodies for your dog or cat, and of course, a great way for you and your animal companion to meet other pet lovers! Local adoption organizations will also be in attendance with valuable information for current pet owners, and animals up for adoption to a forever home! Even if you can’t bring your pet, feel free to stop by and grab some fun freebies, and meet local friends of animals! 10 am- 1pm. For additional information or questions, please call the Jenkintown Whole Foods at (215) 481-0800

-Love music? Want to support our local young musicians? Then we have just the event for you! The Abington High School marching band, the Abington Marching Ghosts, will be playing at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School at 7:00 pm. This year’s show, “The Break of Day” is an interesting and beautiful take on the hours between 3 AM and 7 AM.  

So enjoy a night of wonderful music, and breath-taking visuals by high schools from around the tri-county area, and of course, your local Abington Marching Ghosts! The whole marching band show starts at 6:00 at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School, and lasts until the awards ceremony at 10:00 PM.

Admission is $10 for adults and $7 for Senior Citizens

For more information about the show and future shows, check out


Sunday October 06th

-The weather is looking to be clear and warm this Sunday, so why not enjoy the first October Sunday at the Jenkintown Farmers Market? It runs from 9 AM to 1 PM and promises to be full of fresh fall produce, homemade goodies and other great items up for your perusal. They are located at 703 Greenwood Ave Jenkintown, PA 19046.


Know about a great event going on? Please tell us! Please email us at so we can highlight and tell everyone about happenings around the area

Cardano Real Estate Experts Pay Tribute to Fire Fighters at The Phillies Game: Remembering 9/11

by Diane Cardano-Casacio & Her Team

9/11 is a date that is etched into the minds of Americans everywhere.  Over the years we have vowed to remember the events and come together as one.  That is why at Cardano Real Estate Experts we chose to celebrate the lives of the fire fighters who risk their lives everyday to keep us safe.  The Abington township fire fighters have shown our community unconditional commitment.  They willingly sacrifice their time and energy for our safety. 

On August 29th, 2012 we hosted our 19th annual client appreciation event at a Philadelphia Phillies game in honor of our past clients and the Abington fire fighters.  Every year we host this event and give away the first pitch to one of our local heroes in the Abington community.  This year we wanted to honor Mike Jones, a local volunteer fire man who dedicates his life to the safety of the Abington community.  [Watch a re-cap of our event in the video below]    


Watch the video that was played on the big screen before Mike Jones threw the first pitch:


Cardano Real Estate Experts is holding their 19th Annual Client Appreciation Event taking over 800 clients to a PHillies Game. This year we are honoring all Firemen in the community, thanking them for keeping us safe.

We are giving the first pitch opportunity to MIke Jones from the Abington Firehouse. He was nominated and comes from a family of firefighters. Watch the video below that will be played on the Jumbo Tron before Mike throws out the first pitch 6:50pm.

We are raffling off 10 tickets, just go to and click on Phillies Sign up to enter into the drawing. You will be notified the morning of the event, which is August 29th, at 7:05pm, Phillies versus the Mets.

See you there!!

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