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Christmas Tree Recycling Guidelines Abington Township

by Diane Cardano-Casacio & Her Team

Thought this may be helpful to everyone in the coming weeks...

Taken from

Christmas Tree Recycling Guidelines
Frequently Asked Questions:

When and where are Christmas trees accepted?
We ask that you place your discarded tree curbside on your regular trash day beginning the first trash day of year.  They are collected through the end of the month.   A designated truck will collect the trees.

What materials are included in Christmas tree recycling?

Christmas trees and all greenery are included in this recycling.

Additional information on Christmas tree recycling:

The trees and greenery should be free of all decorations, wires and tree stands. The trees will be taken to the Public Works facility and chipped into mulch for residents' use in the spring. Trees will be collected curbside only, no trees can be taken to the Public Works yard by residents.

Handy Tips For Your Car In Winter

by Diane Cardano-Casacio & Her Team

I came across some handy tips for your car over the winter months...

Windshield Protector
Scraping a car windshield covered in ice every winter morning is no way to start the day. Next time you park the car outside, drape a tarp over the car. In the morning just pull the tarp off and shake it out. No more ice covered windows. Keep the tarp in the trunk and use it at work too. While everyone else is scraping windows, you'll be on your merry way home.

Frozen Doors
Is there anything more frustrating than being ready to go and not being able to open your car door? This handy winter car maintenance tip will keep you from being shut out of your own car. Spray car door rubber seal with vegetable oil spray or coat it with Vaseline. The oils keep water from dripping in and freezing the door shut.

Frozen Lock
Here's a handy winter car maintenance tip I've used many times. Use a torch or candle lighter to thaw the lock out. If you don't have one of these handy gadgets you can still thaw the lock with the key. Slide some winter gloves on to hold the key with. Heat up the key with a lighter or matches. Slide the key into the lock. Wait a couple seconds and turn the key. Repeat if needed.

Battery Removal
On winter nights when the thermometer takes a dip below zero, use this handy car maintenance tip. Simply remove the car battery at night. Set it on a newspaper in the mud room or kitchen. This winter car maintenance tip keeps the battery from freezing. In the morning, just hook it back up for an easy start. Now go give all your neighbors a jump.

If you forget to use the handy battery tip and your car needs a jump, be sure it's positioned for easy access. This winter car maintenance tip saves you a lot of maneuvering. Rather than pulling the car forward into the driveway or garage, back it up. Now your car is facing forward. Another car can pull right up and give you a jump. Use this tip year round.

Getting Stuck
Keep a bag of cat litter and a small shovel in the trunk of the car. This handy winter car maintenance tip gets you out of the ditch. Shovel snow away from the tires and sprinkle the kitty litter all around for traction. If you're out of kitty litter, use your car mats. Just place them next to the wheels to give tires something solid to grab onto.

Wiper Fluid
If you run out of wiper fluid in the winter, Pull over. Throw snow at the windshield and turn on the wipers. This handy winter car maintenance tip is good for a few miles of better visibility. Make your own streak free homemade wiper fluid for pennies. All it takes is ¾ gallon water, ¼ cup vinegar and ¼ cup rubbing alcohol.

Check out the whole article here:

Basics Of Credit Scores

by Diane Cardano-Casacio & Her Team

Many people have been asking about establishing or repairing credit lately, so here's a great article that talks all about the subject:

An excerpt:

You need to know that the two most important factors in your scores are:

  • Whether you pay your bills on time.
  • How much of your available credit you actually use.

It's essential that you pay all your bills on time, all the time. Set up automatic payments or reminder systems so that you're never, ever late. All it takes is a single missed payment to trash your credit scores -- and it can take seven years for the effects to completely disappear.

You also don't want to max out any of your credit cards, or even get close. Keeping your credit use to less than 30% of your credit limits (10% is better) will help you get the best possible credit scores -- and should help keep you from getting over your head in debt, as well.

Finally, you don't need to carry a balance on a credit card to have good credit scores. Paying your bill in full each month is the best way to keep your finances in shape and build your credit at the same time.

FREE Real Estate Workshops For Buyers & Sellers

by Diane Cardano-Casacio & Her Team

Did you know that the up to $8000 Tax Credit for First-Time Buyers Has Been Extended & Expanded To Include up to a $6500 Tax Credit For Existing Homeowners? 

Learn How To Take Advantage Of The Tax Credit, Low Interest Rates & Low House Prices! Attend A FREE Real Estate Workshop In Your Area!


Imagine you took an evening out of your life now to learn more about buying and selling a home so that you would be able to save yourself thousands of dollars in your next real estate transaction. No kidding!


These no-pressure events are open to the public and nothing will be sold- the information is free, but registration is required!

 Home Sellers Click Here                                   Home Buyers Click Here

 The Seller Workshop- Tuesday, December 15th at 6:30pm at the Fort Washington Hilton

- Staging & Pricing your home to sell quickly and with no hassles!

- Marketing that gets your home on over 2,000 websites!

- Secret Negotiating Tips to keep more $$$ in your pocket!

- First Time Seller Kit with detailed checklists and tips!

- Empty Nester Program to maximize your retirement dollar!

- Foreclosures & Short Sales and how they can affect your value!

Register at!



The Buyer Workshop- Thursday, December 17th at 6:30pm at the Abington Library

- Speak with a loan officer one-on-one, if you choose.

- Have all your questions about financing answered.

- Learn about qualifying for a home and picking the right mortgage for you.

- Discuss advantages and disadvantages of foreclosures and short sales.

- Find out how to use the $8000 tax credit in advance to help you with closing costs.

- Learn the step-by-step process of buying a home from the area's #1 Real Estate Team.

Register at!


Holiday Light Displays Near Abington

by Diane Cardano-Casacio & Her Team

This is such a wonderful time of year. People watch re-runs of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Charlie Brown and A Christmas Story. They make tons of latkas and bake loads of cookies and are overall just happier and more caring of others.

One of the other great aspects of this time of year is the fact that people will go into their attics and basements to retrieve their collection of decorations. They really pull out all the stops!

The weekend is upon us, so take this time to pack into the car and drive around oooing and ahhhing at all the colorful decorations! You can check out holiday light displays local to the Philadelphia region by clicking here:

How Commercial Real Estate Is Fairing

by Diane Cardano-Casacio & Her Team

Hello all- just came across an interesting article about commercial real estate. Not saying I agree totally with it, but it was an interesting read, so check it out:

FREE Class For Home Buyers!

by Diane Cardano-Casacio & Her Team

Did you know that the up to $8000 Tax Credit for First-Time Buyers Has Been Extended & Expanded To Include up to a $6500 Tax Credit For Existing Homeowners?

Learn How To Take Advantage Of The Tax Credit, Low Interest Rates & Low House Prices! 

We'd like to invite you to the FREE Savvy Home Buyer Workshop on Thursday, December 17th from 6:30-8pm at the Abington Library.

Whether you're thinking about buying a home right away or 6 months from now, you must attend this class!

This is a great opportunity to speak with a loan officer one-on-one, if you choose, and have your questions about qualifying for a home, getting a mortgage and all other questions about financing answered. Tax credits, grants and foreclosures will be discussed in addition to the *restrictions and details on the federal tax credit.

You will also learn what to do first and the step-by-step process of buying a home from the area's #1 Real Estate Team.

This no-pressure workshop is open to the public, and nothing will be sold at this event- the information is free! Registration is requested.

REGISTER ONLINE AT:! Directions will be sent upon registration.

Please feel free to forward this email to your friends, family and co-workers who may be interested in attending!

Check Out A Clip From One Of Our Workshops!

We hope to see you there!

How To Lower Monthly Mortgage

by Diane Cardano-Casacio & Her Team

It's that wonderful time of year when everyone is tightening their belts even more so they can afford to partake in the holiday traditions of gift giving and entertaining.

Now is a great time to look into your refinancing options for your home. Even if you have a rate in the 6% range, you may be able to lower that rate to somewhere in the 5% range, which helps some people save over $200 a month.

A little more money in your pocket would be a great thing, right?

If you need help determining if a refinance would work for you, give me a call. I can put you in touch with a great mortgage lender who can walk you through your options, and see if it would make sense.

Many of our past clients are considering refinancing right now, and we'd love to continue to help everyone reduce their monthly payments.

Call me at 215-576-8666 to get started!


by Diane Cardano-Casacio & Her Team

The Diane Cardano Home Selling Team of CARDANO Realtors is proud to introduce their newest website:

This is the only website of its kind, empowering homeowners to do their own research in determining the value of their home. Now you can find the SOLD price of your neighbor's home- a day after it settles, instead of waiting until the newspaper comes out.

Find the sold price, square footage, room dimensions and much more. Simply log in, and you are able to search by an area, or plug in an mls# or address and find the sales price of sold homes that way.

Check it out!!!

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