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Kick Off Summer With A Splash

by Diane Cardano-Casacio & Her Team

On an unseasonably frigid day like today, it's hard to imagine that summer is quickly approaching. But, good news! The Farmers' Almanac is predicting an exceptionally hot upcoming season. Start unpacking your swim trunks and water floaties because we are expecting oppressive humidity hitting full force in mid July.

Here is a list of kid-friendly Philly water parks to keep your family cool this summer:

  1. Dutch Springs Aqua Park
  2. Camelback Mountain Resort
  3. Great Wolf Lodge
  4. HersheyPark Water Park
  5. Dorney Wildwater Kingdom

Remember your sun screen and make plenty of memories!


Check out the full Farmers' Almanac story here: 

Don't Miss Out On These Local Memorial Day Parades

by Diane Cardano-Casacio & Her Team

Staying in the area this Memorial Day Weekend? There are plenty of ways to enjoy family time while honoring our veterans, here in our own back yard. Stop by one of these local parades before heading home for a family BBQ!

  • Roslyn Memorial Day Parade: May 30 at 11:30 a.m. 
    Beginning at St. John's, the parade will head east on Woodland Road, south on Easton and Bradfield roads, and ending at Hillside Cemetery. Stay after the parade for free hot dogs and food!

  • Jenkintown Memorial Day Parade: May 26 at 10:30 a.m.
    Parade will begin in front of Jenkintown High School and will travel north on West Ave. to Leedom St. and east on Leedom St. to Jenkintown Borough Hall.  

  • Clark's Summit Memorial Day Parade in Abington: May 26 at 11 a.m.
    The parade will start outside of 
    Clarks Summit Elementary School on Grove Street.



Living in the Here & Now

by Diane Cardano-Casacio & Her Team

Living in the here and now is a very good concept to contemplate, because it helps us to change our perspective of the world for the better. If you live in the here and now instead of in the past or in the future, then you can truly embrace what is happening to you in this moment and live a life that is not dominated by expectations, regrets, or disappointment.


Of course, this does not mean that you should not plan for the future or set goals for yourself. Both of these are essential to success. What this does mean, however, is that you should not let what has happened in the past or what may happen in the future ruin the moment that you are in right now.


Where are you at this present moment? What are you doing? Who are you with? What sensations are you feeling? What thoughts are you thinking? These are all things that are happening right now, but if you spend too much of your thinking time in the past or the future, you will end up missing out on what the here and now has to offer you.


Enjoying This Moment


A lot of the time, we fail to recognize how amazing every moment is. When we are in a hurry to get to work, it can be easy to overlook how good the sunshine feels. When we are experiencing conflict with another person, it can be easy to miss out on something as simple as a clean, fresh-smelling room or a gentle breeze. When we are busy feeling negatively about something that happened yesterday, it can become very easy to underappreciate the friends, co-workers, and family members around us now.


Try to think of every moment as a huge opportunity in which you are given all that you need for happiness and contentment. This is admittedly very difficult sometimes, but getting into this thought process can have innumerable and incredible benefits. So, take a few seconds to simply enjoy the moment before you get into your car, start work, or walk into that restaurant. Learn to notice the good things that are happening now, because once they happen and go unnoticed, there is a very good chance that you will not have the opportunity to appreciate that moment again in the future.

Dealing with Negativity

by Diane Cardano-Casacio & Her Team

Negativity is incredibly common. In fact, it may often seem like it outweighs positivity in every sense of the word. There will always be someone with a negative attitude in your life, and this person will always try to discourage you, put you down, and drag your dream, goals, and plans through the mud.


But there are two things that you must remember.


  1. Negative people do not dictate what will succeed and what will not succeed.
  2. Negative people are often negative because they are projecting their own problems and view of the world onto your situation.


Negative people may range from slightly negative to very negative, but negative is negative… it is the opposite of positive, and the opposite of successful. You have probably not met many very successful negative people… and there is a good reason for that. Negativity tends to pull you in the wrong direction. When you have a negative attitude, your mind is not going to be where it needs to be in order to achieve success.


So how do you deal with negativity in your day to day life?

How can you resist it without becoming negative yourself?


The first step to doing this is to become aware of what is really happening. What is generally happening when someone is acting negatively towards you is that, for one reason or another, their own negative thoughts about their life or life in general are getting projected onto you. Your friend might tell you that you are stupid for starting a business in a slow economy… but that is a very negative attitude for him/her to have! In truth, he probably doesn’t know your plans because he has probably not taken the time to hear you out or to understand how you plan on dealing with it.


This brings up another very valid point. It is important to remember that negativity very often goes hand in hand with ignorance. Negative people have often not thought or researched things through… so it is easier for them to be negative about an idea because they do not fully understand it.


The second step to overcoming and dealing with negativity in your life is to remember that, in order to be a success, you need to rise above the negativity in general. Being affected by negativity invariably draws you into it, and could end up making you a negative person as well. Try to train yourself to brush it off and to ignore it. As a worst case scenario, you might need to choose friends with better care, and stop spending time around people who drag you down.

4 Steps For Overcoming Discouragement

by Diane Cardano-Casacio & Her Team

Discouragement happens to everyone. Even the most successful people in the world have, at times, felt like their ship was sinking and that there were no life boats to save them. Regardless of how well-crafted your plan is and of how careful you have been to avoid problems, discouragement will eventually raise its ugly head… and when it does,  you will probably be tempted to feel like there is no hope.


But the good news is that discouragement can be defeated… and here are 4 tried and tested steps to help you do it.


1… Be Aware That It Will Happen

Regardless of what you do, discouragement will happen. Always be aware of this, and always try to be ready for it. When you see it coming, discouragement loses a lot of its potency. Try not to be so blind that you think that you will never face hard times again… because problems and difficulties are always going to appear after a while and threaten your serenity.  That is just how life is.


2… Remember That It Is Natural

Believe it or not, discouragement is a fairly natural process. After putting so much energy into a project and spending so much time on an emotional ‘high,’ believing that your project will be a success, there will invariably come a time when your emotions will seek to re-balance, and that is when discouragement will set it. Remember that discouragement is not permanent and that it is not necessarily a sign that you are doing the wrong thing. Sometimes, all that is required for you to become discouraged is a little bit of emotional burnout!


3… Take Some Time Off And Step Away

When discouragement strikes, stand up and take a break from your project. Ignore the urge to give up. Instead, spend some time doing other things that you enjoy. Give it a few hours, a few days, or even a few weeks. Work on different projects and give yourself some time to re-evaluate and re-focus yourself. This little ‘vacation’ time can do wonders for your creativity and morale.


4… Talk To Someone

If discouragement has hit you unusually hard this time around, don’t be afraid to talk to someone. Maybe get a drink with a friend or call your mom. Spend some time venting to someone who will encourage you. Talking about a problem can often make it seem much smaller than it actually is, and can play a valuable part in getting you past it. 

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