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Monday Morning Mojo- Make Today The Goal

by Diane Cardano-Casacio & Her Team

All too often we forget that today is really the only day that we are guaranteed. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? The world might not be here tomorrow. We might not be here tomorrow. The world might change next week. Any number of things could happen. Of course, to dwell on the negative is not the point of all of this. The point is simply this… that if you never take time to enjoy living in the present moment, you may never find yourself enjoying anything because you will always be focused on what is going to happen next.


Living intentionally and in the here and now can be accomplished in several ways. One of the best ways is simply to be aware of the fact that today could very well be your last day. Of course, this is not a reason to abandon goals or to stop moving forward… but it is a reason to make sure that you take the time to enjoy the good things that are happening to you right now. Enjoy good friends,your job, your house, your family, the weather, your favorite music, and your favorite food. Live life to the fullest. Live every day intentionally.


Another way to make today your goal is to try to remember that today’s goals are what you should be focused on. It is always good to look forward to accomplishing big goals, but never be so focused on them that you forget to celebrate today’s victories and accomplishments.

Monday Morning Mojo- 4 Good Reasons To Ignore Naysayers

by Diane Cardano-Casacio & Her Team

1… Because they are not you

Naysayers may like to tell you how bad your ideas are… but the truth is that they are not you. There is no way for them to know for sure what you are planning, how motivated you are, or how much you are capable of. You are capable of much more than anyone else realizes… so don’t listen to the discouragement.


2… Because they are generally not happy

Naysayers have this very annoying habit of trying to make everyone else as miserable asthey are. This might sound harsh, but it is regrettably true. Subconsciously,they want everyone else to have the same thought processes that they have… thatlife is about sulking through and being unhappy, and that goals are not something to strive for.


This kind of thinking will poison your future. Do not listen!


3… Because they generally have not accomplishing anything beyond the ‘normal’

If you look very closely, you will find that most naysayers have never left their comfort zone or done anything that has led them to incredible success. The simple truth is that negative thinking holds you back… so don’t participate in it! Get away from negativity and embrace positive thinking.


4… Because you want a different life than they want


Naysayers might be content to ‘settle’ with what they have… but never let this mentality pervade your own positive thinking! We should always be striving to work harder, to become better, and to accomplish more. Set the bar high, and when you reach it, move on to the next level. Don’t let negativity or fear cause you to settle for less than you desire.

Monday Morning Mojo- How To ‘Create’ More Time

by Diane Cardano-Casacio & Her Team

Cut Out Waste

The best way to find extra time is to examine your life for waste. Think about what you do during every hour of the day, but don’t just track activities that take a full hour. Do you have a spare fifteen minutes here and a spare half-an-hour there that you could feasibly spend doing something productive? If so, why not put that time toward something else? Read your homework while you ride the subway instead of just riding. Proofread that sales letter while you are waiting for your car oil to get changed. Don’t waste time. Seek to plug holes in your day so that you don’t waste valuable time.


Don’t Take On Too Much

On the other side of this coin, however, is something else to think about. If you try and try to get things done but constantly run behind anyway, then there is a very real possibility that you are trying to fit too many things in. If you have come to a place where you find that time begins to run out more and more frequently, you may need to seriously consider removing somethings from your schedule. Begin by removing your least favorite things and the things that are the least important.



As you open up your schedule, you should begin to see more time open up for things that matter and for things that you want to do. This will decrease stress and will help you to do a better job. It will also probably make you a happier person!

Monday Morning Mojo- Get the Worst Done First

by Diane Cardano-Casacio & Her Team

Start with motivation

One of the very best ways to get a super-irritating, boring, or tedious part of the day out of the way is to attack it with the proper mindset. Before even thinking about tackling a project or job that you know is going to get you down, always take some time to motivate yourself. Listen to your favorite motivational speaker or stand in front of the mirror and give yourself a prep talk. Believe within yourself that you can ge tit done, and decide for yourself that it is not going to ruin your day!


Attack the problem with vigor

There is no better time than the present to deal with an unpleasant task. Don’t wait until after lunch. Don’t put it off until later. Unless you have no other choice,choose to take care of the worst part of your day at the very beginning. If you can do this, then you can get it over with and get on to the better stuff before lunch. You will feel good about yourself, will feel accomplished, and best of all… you won’t be dreading it!


Try to change your mindset

Instead of focusing on how unpleasant the task or problem is, try thinking about how much worse it could be. Think about how it is helping you to achieve your goals. Try to find the good in it. If you can find a way to change your attitude about the problem itself, then you may begin to see it as an actual enjoyable part of your day instead of something to avoid. 

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