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Monday Morning Mojo: 4 Ways To Avoid Having A Bad Day

by Diane Cardano-Casacio & Her Team

Ups and downs seem, for the most part, to be a naturally occurring part of human existence.


But what can you do about it? How can you avoid having your day ruined by ‘down times’?


Here are 4 ways to start.


1… Focus on the ‘here and now’ instead of on the past or future

Are you worried about tomorrow? Are you still agonizing over what happened yesterday? Ironically, these things can ruin our day faster than anything else. And yet, we worry about tomorrow despite the fact that tomorrow is not even here yet, and we worry about yesterday despite the fact that it is over and done with.


One of my favorite quotes is actually from the movie Kung Fu Panda. It has this to say about the past, present, and future.


There is a saying: yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the "present."


2… Count the good things that you have in life

You might be having a tough day at work or facing problems with friends or family, but the truth is that we all have a lot of good aspects to our lives that we tend to forget when we get down. Try making a mental list of all of the good things in your life. This kind of intentional thankfulness has a way of making almost anyone feel better.


3… Remember that things could always be worse

This is pretty straightforward. I hate to say it, but there are a lot of people in the world who have bigger problems than you or I may ever face. Always try to be thankful that your current problems are not bigger and worse.


4…  Forgive yourself

Sometimes the worst part about a bad day is how it makes us feel. Having your car break down is one thing—that happens to everyone. But it can be easy to beat yourself up over it, especially if you don’t have enough money to get it fixed or if you ended up missing an appointment because of it.


Try to remember to forgive yourself when things go wrong. If you faced a setback, just sit back and remember that tomorrow is another day, and that the world will most likely be there to give you another chance when you wake up in the morning.

Monday Morning Mojo: 3 Ways To Rediscover The Blessing Of Serenity For Those With Busy Lives

by Diane Cardano-Casacio & Her Team

Here are 3 ways to rediscover serenity if you live a busy life. Believe it or not, even the busiest of people can rekindle their inner-peace if they will take the time to utilize a few of these methods.


Spend 3 minutes meditating every day

Meditation doesn’t have to be incredibly deep to be effective. Find a nice peaceful place, sit on the ground, close your eyes, and just ‘be’. Don’t think about work, don’t think about money—don’t think about anything but the here and now. If you can do this once every day, you will be amazed at the difference that it can make.


Keep things in perspective

Getting insulted by your boss can be very hurtful and discouraging, but keeping things in perspective can help to neutralize feelings of anger or resentment—both of which contribute to a life of anxiety and negativity. If your boss is a jerk to you, try to think about his life and why he might be acting the way he is. Maybe he hates is job, or maybe he had a fight with his wife this morning. Maybe he doesn’t know how to cope very well and just takes it out on others instead of dealing with it in a more positive way.


This doesn’t justify his negative actions, of course… but it can help you to deal with it in a more positive way.


Sit down and clear your mind

When you get the chance, try to sit down for a few minutes and just ‘unwind’ from the stresses of your day. If you hurry and rush along from point A to point B, you might start to get overwhelmed and not even realize it. At least once every few hours you should try to sit down, take a deep breath, and let your mind recover before you move onto the next thing. This is different from meditating in the sense that you should try to do it at least once per hour. It can take as little as 30 seconds for it to be effective.

Monday Morning Mojo: 3 Ways To Pick Yourself Up When You Are Feeling Down

by Diane Cardano-Casacio & Her Team

Here are 3 tried and proven methods for picking yourself up on days when you are simply not feeling as good as you could be.


Take A Break

Let’s be honest—this is a difficult one for most of us. Has it ever occurred to you that we live in a culture today where people often spend more time at their jobs than anywhere else, even if they don’t really like being there?


Now, I am not saying that we should fixate on hating our jobs. In fact, we should always try to see the good in them. Of course, the workplace isn’t the only reason for why we can feel down. Family problems, health problems, and stress at home can all play a part.


But taking a break can be a fantastic way to get away from it all. So find something fun to do for a few hours. Give yourself some time to recuperate by having a drink with a friend or by spending some time on your favorite hobby. You would be amazed at what a little ‘you’ time can do for your well-being!


Focus On The Things That Matter

Next time you feel stressed or down, try to focus on the parts of your life that mean the most to you and that are the most positive. It can be easy to miss the big picture when we are wrapped up in what is going on right now, so always make an effort to keep things in perspective and to focus on the most important things first.


Remember That It Is Never Too Late To Turn Things Around

Never write off a day just because most of it was bad. If you feel down, odds are good that you only feel that way because of one or two things—though admittedly this is all that it takes to make us feel like our day is completely ruined.


But it is never too late to turn it around. Try to stay positive and to remember that good things can and do happen every day—even on days in which everything else has seemed to go wrong.

Monday Morning Mojo- 3 Reasons To Free Yourself From The Burden Of Pleasing Others

by Diane Cardano-Casacio & Her Team

“If you are busy pleasing everyone, you are not being true to yourself” ― Jocelyn Murray


I once had an acquaintance who really hated her job. She wanted more than anything to quit and to stay at home with her little girl. But when asked why she didn’t, she said that hers was not the only opinion to take into account.


“Other people have different ideas about what I should do,” she said angrily. “I can’t quit.”


I asked her why it mattered to her what other people’s ideas were. She grumbled this in response.


“Well, when it’s family and you have to be around them all the time, you figure out that you need to please them or you won’t hear the end of it.”


This girl was working long hours at a job she hated because she felt like her family wouldn’t like it if she quit. Her husband made plenty of money, she had no career interest in this job, and worst of all—she was missing out on what really mattered to her the most; spending time with her little girl.


And for what?


Because she couldn’t wrap her mind around getting over the fear of how others would judge her decision.


Let’s be honest—following good advice is one thing, but living in fear of judgment and making choices that are not truly choices that you want to make is going to waste time and waste life.


Here are 3 good reasons not to allow yourself to fall into this mentality.


1… Because Life Is Far Too Short To Spend Worrying About What Other People Think

Why would you forsake your happiness to meet other people’s standards when you don’t even agree with what their standards are?


2… Because Most People Judge Everyone, Regardless Of How Good Their Choices Are

I almost hate to say it, but most people are going to judge you and say negative things about you regardless of what you choose. If you are rich, you will be a rich snob. If you are poor, you will be ‘trash’. If you try to have good morals, you will be ‘stuck up’. Don’t let other people dictate who you are just because of the fact that they might judge you for it, because odds are good that they are going to do it regardless of what you do.


3… Because Being Yourself Will Make You The Happiest

There is really no substitute for being yourself. It might not be easy to stop listening to naysayers, but the rewards in the end are more than worth the effort.

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