It's that time of the month again!

Register to attend our Buyer Workshop to be held on Wednesday, February 18th at the Abington Library from 6:30-8pm. Go to

Why should you attend a Buyer or Seller Seminar?  One good reason is that it’s FREE! And there is no obligation to sign up.  Our seminars are in place to educate people on what to expect when they are buying or selling a home and heck, possibly even get a free dinner out of it.  The information that you can gain from one of our seminars, is not information from an average realtor but information that only an expert realtor would know.  For example, you would most likely want to learn about Microsoft from Bill Gates versus someone that works at Bestbuy, would you not? If you were thinking about buying or selling a home and want to learn the best possible way, then check out the following sites to find out more:, for our Buyer Seminars and, for our Seller Seminars.