9/11 is a date that is etched into the minds of Americans everywhere.  Over the years we have vowed to remember the events and come together as one.  That is why at Cardano Real Estate Experts we chose to celebrate the lives of the fire fighters who risk their lives everyday to keep us safe.  The Abington township fire fighters have shown our community unconditional commitment.  They willingly sacrifice their time and energy for our safety. 

On August 29th, 2012 we hosted our 19th annual client appreciation event at a Philadelphia Phillies game in honor of our past clients and the Abington fire fighters.  Every year we host this event and give away the first pitch to one of our local heroes in the Abington community.  This year we wanted to honor Mike Jones, a local volunteer fire man who dedicates his life to the safety of the Abington community.  [Watch a re-cap of our event in the video below]    


Watch the video that was played on the big screen before Mike Jones threw the first pitch: