Tired of looking at that stack of old bank statements? Maybe it's finally time for that TV that has been sitting uplugged in the basement to go?

Next Saturday, May 12, the Township and Police Department are partnering on the "Great Shredder Event" and an Electronics Recycling Day. You can bring materials to be shredded or recycled to the Stony Creek Sports Park from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Materials for shredding should be free of anything, such as binders, that could disrupt the shredding process.

Televisions, computer towers and monitors, laptops and printers are among the items that will be accepted for recycling. In fact, the Township will receive a stipend for each of these items recycled.

You can also recycle items such as VCRs, cell phones, speakers and toasters.

Batteries, refrigerators and household hazardous materials such as oil and paint will not be accepted for recycling.

Click for a list of acceptable materials for electronics recycling