All Lenders and Mortgage Companies are the Same.  Aren’t all Lenders required to adhere to the same standards and guidelines anyway?

This is an excellent question.  We constantly find that there is a great deal of  misunderstanding relating to the idea that every lender has set of guidelines which have basically been cast in stone.  At our office, we sometimes refer to these as “... the They Sayers.”  An example of this is “... They say you can’t get a mortgage if you’ve just changed jobs or employers.”

There are many different types of generic guidelines are - FHA, VA, FNMA (commonly referred to as “Freddie Mae”), and FHLMC (commonly Freddie Mac”).  These guidelines and procedures change frequently and many lenders will deviate from standard financing guidelines.  You can make a big mistake by going to a lender who only offers one method of financing your homes.


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