If Dovetail Artisans in Glenside looks particularly crowded March 24, it’s not because it is going out of business, but because it is the latest to be visited by eager shoppers who are part of Cash Mob Philly.

“A Cash Mob is basically a collection of people who want to support local community businesses,” said Shahrzad Kojouri, Ardmore native and the Cash Mob Philly organizer. “We use social media to get the word out, which lets people know the certain day we’re going to be and when. Then we [go] and infuse the store with some quick cash. We encourage everyone to spend at least $20.”

So how did the cash mob sensation make its way to the Philadelphia region? Kajouri’s friend Andrew Samtoy, who started the first Cash Mob in Cleveland, Ohio, last November, asked her if she wanted to bring the sensation to Philly. The goal — the have Cash Mobs in every state across the country.

“I’m excited about the movement,” Kojouri said. “I love small businesses and the focus of the Cash Mob is going into a store [cash in hand] and helping the business out. [Most] people are hesitant at first, because Philly has had issues with flash mobs in the past, but [Cash Mobs] are a good thing.”

In honor of National Cash Mob Day, Saturday at 1 p.m. Kojouri and her fellow mobbers will be heading to Dovetail Artisans, 105 E. Glenside Ave., a novelty shop that has something for everyone.

“[I chose it] because they have a variety of different items,” Kojouri said. “They have greeting cards, home good items, and jewelry. It’s a great shop to [pick up] gift items. Plus, their price range is really good. You can get things from $2 to $70.”

After the Cash Mobbers have “shopped until they’ve dropped,” they can mingle at, what Kojouri calls, the “post-Mob cocktail hour,” which will be held at Elcy’s Coffee, 1 W. Glenside Ave. The café is another local establishment where mobbers can enjoy an assortment of tasty food options such as burritos, sandwiches, soups, as well as yogurt and granola.


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