I came across some handy tips for your car over the winter months...

Windshield Protector
Scraping a car windshield covered in ice every winter morning is no way to start the day. Next time you park the car outside, drape a tarp over the car. In the morning just pull the tarp off and shake it out. No more ice covered windows. Keep the tarp in the trunk and use it at work too. While everyone else is scraping windows, you'll be on your merry way home.

Frozen Doors
Is there anything more frustrating than being ready to go and not being able to open your car door? This handy winter car maintenance tip will keep you from being shut out of your own car. Spray car door rubber seal with vegetable oil spray or coat it with Vaseline. The oils keep water from dripping in and freezing the door shut.

Frozen Lock
Here's a handy winter car maintenance tip I've used many times. Use a torch or candle lighter to thaw the lock out. If you don't have one of these handy gadgets you can still thaw the lock with the key. Slide some winter gloves on to hold the key with. Heat up the key with a lighter or matches. Slide the key into the lock. Wait a couple seconds and turn the key. Repeat if needed.

Battery Removal
On winter nights when the thermometer takes a dip below zero, use this handy car maintenance tip. Simply remove the car battery at night. Set it on a newspaper in the mud room or kitchen. This winter car maintenance tip keeps the battery from freezing. In the morning, just hook it back up for an easy start. Now go give all your neighbors a jump.

If you forget to use the handy battery tip and your car needs a jump, be sure it's positioned for easy access. This winter car maintenance tip saves you a lot of maneuvering. Rather than pulling the car forward into the driveway or garage, back it up. Now your car is facing forward. Another car can pull right up and give you a jump. Use this tip year round.

Getting Stuck
Keep a bag of cat litter and a small shovel in the trunk of the car. This handy winter car maintenance tip gets you out of the ditch. Shovel snow away from the tires and sprinkle the kitty litter all around for traction. If you're out of kitty litter, use your car mats. Just place them next to the wheels to give tires something solid to grab onto.

Wiper Fluid
If you run out of wiper fluid in the winter, Pull over. Throw snow at the windshield and turn on the wipers. This handy winter car maintenance tip is good for a few miles of better visibility. Make your own streak free homemade wiper fluid for pennies. All it takes is ¾ gallon water, ¼ cup vinegar and ¼ cup rubbing alcohol.

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