Monday night we had our first buyer workshop of the year...and what a success! 5 families found out how they can purchase a home with the variety of new mortgage programs available, as well as what they need to do to purchase a home. 
As with most attendees to our workshop, one couple in particular had an "ah-ha" moment when they realized their $900 monthly rent payment equated to $21,600 being thrown away on rent over the past 2 years! You bet they were excited when they realized how much of that money will be saved in coming years once they purchase a home and invest in their own property and futures.
Our loan officers were standing by to answer some great questions asked by the group. For instance, not everyone knows the full details of the $7500 tax credit for first time buyers. Additionally, not everyone realized that if you are recently divorced, you too qualify as a first time buyer!
Then we talked about home ownership. The Diane Cardano Team explained the importance of working with an expert agent to help you through the different pieces of the puzzle to home ownership. We discussed short sales, foreclosures, the whole buying process from start to finish.
The night concluded in true workshop fashion where each attendee was able to speak one-on-one with a loan officer and buyer specialist to ask any questions they might not want to ask in the group. Each attendee walked out knowing much more about buying a home and with a concrete plan of their own for the next steps in their process.
We are looking forward to our next workshop to be held Wednesday, February 18th at 6:30pm at the Abington Library. For more information, visit!