Here are 3 tried and proven methods for picking yourself up on days when you are simply not feeling as good as you could be.


Take A Break

Let’s be honest—this is a difficult one for most of us. Has it ever occurred to you that we live in a culture today where people often spend more time at their jobs than anywhere else, even if they don’t really like being there?


Now, I am not saying that we should fixate on hating our jobs. In fact, we should always try to see the good in them. Of course, the workplace isn’t the only reason for why we can feel down. Family problems, health problems, and stress at home can all play a part.


But taking a break can be a fantastic way to get away from it all. So find something fun to do for a few hours. Give yourself some time to recuperate by having a drink with a friend or by spending some time on your favorite hobby. You would be amazed at what a little ‘you’ time can do for your well-being!


Focus On The Things That Matter

Next time you feel stressed or down, try to focus on the parts of your life that mean the most to you and that are the most positive. It can be easy to miss the big picture when we are wrapped up in what is going on right now, so always make an effort to keep things in perspective and to focus on the most important things first.


Remember That It Is Never Too Late To Turn Things Around

Never write off a day just because most of it was bad. If you feel down, odds are good that you only feel that way because of one or two things—though admittedly this is all that it takes to make us feel like our day is completely ruined.


But it is never too late to turn it around. Try to stay positive and to remember that good things can and do happen every day—even on days in which everything else has seemed to go wrong.