Here are a few tips that might help you to stay ‘on target’ as you navigate a busy, yet important holiday season at work. Some of these tips may not work for everyone, but there’s a good chance that at least one of them will give you an edge when it comes to finishing up those slow, tedious workdays.


1… Try to break larger tasks down into smaller ones

Focusing on a larger project in its entirety might make you more likely to run out of steam. It may also cause your attention to wander. Instead, focus on small, individual tasks that will eventually enable you to complete the bigger overall goal. This will keep you motivated, and will likely help the time to pass by faster as you check tasks off of your list.


2… Go to bed a little bit earlier the night before

Having trouble focusing could be an indication that you aren’t getting enough sleep. Try going to bed an hour or two earlier and see if it makes a difference. You might find yourself feeling more rested and ready for the day as a result.


3… Remind yourself that you must stay on target to succeed

For me, one of the best reminders to stay focused is to remember that I won’t be successful if I don’t keep moving. This is true in any job or career. If you don’t keep moving forward and getting things accomplished, then you might find yourself treading water—or even sinking!


If nothing else, remember that you can always take a quick break from your normal routine to try and ‘revitalize’ your mindset. Going for a quick walk, drinking a fresh cup of coffee, or even just standing up and stretching for five minutes are all methods that you can use to get yourself back into the right frame of mind.