1.   If a child is taking a bath, never leave them unattended.

It can seem perfectly safe to make a quick dash down the hall to grab a towel, your kindle, or your phone, but leading Pediatricians and child advocates stress the importance of staying by a child’s side the entire time they are in, or near, the bath tub.



2.   Watch out for slips.

Whether you are the one who is taking a bath, or your child, slips happen. Bath tubs can be particularly dangerous areas if there is not a bath mat or rug next to the bathtub. Double check that you have each of these in your bathtub and when getting in and out of the bathtub, pay extra attention to make sure that you or child step on the rug, and not the floor. If necessary, you can install a bar in your bath tub to provide stability. 


3.   Always test the temperature.

There’s nothing worse than sticking your foot into an icy cold, or worse – scorching hot - tub of water. Always test the temperature with your hand when you start running the bathwater. Even if you think that you’ve gotten it to the right temperature, before you are about to get into the bathtub, double check to make sure it’s not too hot or too cold. If possible, set your water heater to a specific setting so that it will not make the water hotter than 120 degrees.