“Remember that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination.” –Roy L. Goodman


Look for positives, not negatives

Many people complain about the price of gas, though few ever take the time to stop and be intentionally happy about the fact that they own a car! As it turns out, we can find a positive almost immediately underneath any negative—and looking for the ‘positive’ in every situation could be the key to unlocking genuine happiness.


Smile more often

This might seem a bit cheesy, but smiling can actually make you feel a lot better about things. People who walk around wearing scowls all day definitely don’t derive any benefits from it. They look miserable, they tend to exude a very negative aura, and they are much less likely to get a positive response from those around them.


People who smile, on the other hand, are basically inviting positivity—especially if they can manage to fuel it with true happiness and thankfulness on the inside.


Be the ‘nice person’

Spotting angry, frustrated, or grumpy people around us isn’t that difficult—but it’s also not exactly memorable. Far more memorable are the ‘nice’ people that we meet throughout the day. The gas station attendant who smiles, the teacher who asks us how our day is going, the manager who helps without acting mad about it—these are the types of people who make days better for others.


Of course, these types can be tough to find sometimes—so why not choose to be this person? Make memories by leaving a positive, uplifting impression. Fight negativity with a smile and kind words. Make people feel good about themselves by treating them with respect and dignity.


Taking time out of your day to do any of these things can make a huge difference.


And last, but definitely not least… don’t fall into the trap of thinking that someone or something else is required to make you happy. You might spend your entire life trying to chase it—only to realize in the end that happiness was, in fact, not something that you had to acquire or achieve, but something that you create within yourself.