Did you know that January is associated with several different great causes?

January is:


·        National Blood Donor Month

·        National Soup Month

·        National Staying Healthy Month

·        National Hobby Month

·        National Braille Literacy Month



Momentous Dates


·        January 8th is Elvis Presley’s birthday

                  (as well as our very own Closing Coordinator, David Geerders!).

·        January 26th is Republic Day in India.

·        January 15th was the day Martin Luther King was born.

·        January 17th was the day the first ship (the Resolution) crossed the Antarctic Circle. 



Random January Facts


·        January is the coldest month of the year for the Northern Hemisphere and it is the warmest month of the year for the Southern Hemisphere!


·        January is 1 of the 7 months in the Gregorian calendar to have 31 days.