March is a month of mixed feelings for many people. On one hand, it marks a definite milestone between winter and spring. On another, it is usually the time when people who have made New Year’s resolutions stop to take stock of what they have accomplished. For some people, this is a time to be proud because they have stuck with their goals… while for others, it can be a time of depression. Missed goals, failed objectives, and a general feeling of inadequacy might plague those who have not followed through on their resolutions… making March a depressing time for some people.


But it doesn’t have to be that way!


This is a great time to stop and take stock of your life, especially as it pertains to the rest of the year. March marks the end of the first quarter of the year, but it also marks the beginning of the largest and most important parts. This is a time to take stock of not only your professional life, but also of your personal goals. What do you want to accomplish this year? What sort of life do you want to be living before the next New Year rolls around?


These types of questions might require some soul-searching to answer… but don’t get disheartened. If so far things have not gone quite as well as you had planned, then remember that only you have the power to change your future. Setbacks happen, but it is important that you don’t let them keep you down. If you have experienced problems, difficulties, distractions, and general failure in the first two months of the year, then this is the perfect time to turn things around.


Remember that you cannot prevent everything… but you can be proactive about changing your destiny. Look back on the problems that you have thus-far encountered, and brainstorm ways to avoid them for the rest of the year. Also make an effort to write your goals down and to determine within yourself to stick with them, despite problems that you have already faced.


Most importantly, don’t fall victim to a defeatist mentality. Don’t accept failure, and don’t for one moment contemplate the fact that you might never achieve your goals. If you can determine within yourself to be a success and can visualize the road to it, then achievement and success are choices… not things that just happen!


This is the time to turn things around. This is the time to get started. This is the time for action… because the great thing about March is that it is still early enough to effect major change in your life. Don’t give up, and don’t give in… just get through, and stick with it. In the end, your patience and perseverance will be rewarded with success. It is not a matter of if, but a matter of when.