Have you been neglecting your houseplants lately? Or, do you not even have a houseplant to begin with? Well –that’s about to change. Why? Because it’s time to celebrate all the color, joy,and life houseplants bring to your home – and your family! 


Here’s little known fact about celebrating houseplants: there’s actually a day – January 10th to be specific –that’s designated just for that special houseplant in your life. It’s called Houseplant Appreciation Day and it really, truly exists!


So, how’d Houseplant Appreciation Day get started?


It all began when The Gardener’s Network decided that houseplants deserve a special day in their honor. They believed that by starting Houseplant Appreciation Day, it would bring awareness to the benefits of growing houseplants.


Houseplants are therapeutic – they breathe a bit of life into another wise colorless time of year and they have the ability to transform both your mood and your motivation. Plus,houseplants are for everyone. In fact, even those of us who aren’t blessed with a green thumb can still find a low maintenance houseplant that requires very little sunlight and water. Growing a houseplant is pretty simple. To find out more information about growing and maintaining a houseplant, head here: http://www.wikihow.com/Care-for-Indoor-Plants


So, now the moment you’ve been waiting for; here’s how you can celebrate Houseplant Appreciation Day!

·        If you don’t already own a houseplant – go out and buy one!

·        If you do already own a houseplant – make sure that it is well watered and that it is receiving enough sunlight.

·        Give your houseplant a special fertilizer treat.

·        Share the joy that houseplants bring by giving one to a friend or family member.

·        Learn even more about caring for your current (or new) houseplant.