Cut Out Waste

The best way to find extra time is to examine your life for waste. Think about what you do during every hour of the day, but don’t just track activities that take a full hour. Do you have a spare fifteen minutes here and a spare half-an-hour there that you could feasibly spend doing something productive? If so, why not put that time toward something else? Read your homework while you ride the subway instead of just riding. Proofread that sales letter while you are waiting for your car oil to get changed. Don’t waste time. Seek to plug holes in your day so that you don’t waste valuable time.


Don’t Take On Too Much

On the other side of this coin, however, is something else to think about. If you try and try to get things done but constantly run behind anyway, then there is a very real possibility that you are trying to fit too many things in. If you have come to a place where you find that time begins to run out more and more frequently, you may need to seriously consider removing somethings from your schedule. Begin by removing your least favorite things and the things that are the least important.



As you open up your schedule, you should begin to see more time open up for things that matter and for things that you want to do. This will decrease stress and will help you to do a better job. It will also probably make you a happier person!