“Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.”

― William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure


There is no denying that the world isn’t perfect. We will face failures, setbacks, frustrations, and discouragement. But amid all of these things, it is important that we keep our focus on the good things that are happening. What good things have happened to you in the past week, month, or year? What goals have you accomplished? What plans have you made progress on?


These are the types of things that we should focus on, mostly because they will remind us that we are not wasting our time doing what we are doing. Motivation is one of the keys to overcoming self-doubt, and one of the keys to staying motivated lies in remembering that we are more than capable of doing whatever we set our mind to.


What are you truly capable of? 

When it comes to reminding ourselves of what we can achieve, it is important that we don’t short-change what we have already done. In fact, one of the best ways to remember your past achievements is to keep a list of things that you have done that you are proud of. Whenever you chalk up another success, add it to this list.


Next, whenever you feel down or are tempted to doubt yourself, pull out that list and take a good, long look at it. Look at what you have already achieved, and imagine how much more you could do if you really set your mind to it. If you determine not to give up, there is literally no limit to what you can accomplish!


Conquering self-doubt and rediscovering your belief in yourself might not be magic-bullets for success, but they are essential if you want to move forward and achieve more than you ever thought possible. Today, don’t settle for doubting yourself. Don’t give up when the going gets rough. Instead, remember all of the amazing things that you have already done, and tell yourself that you are not going to give up until you have achieved everything that you have set your mind to!