A challenge for the upcoming holiday season


This holiday season, try to think about things a little bit differently. There is nothing wrong with wrapping presents, decorating, and trying to make the holidays magical—but try to keep in mind that these things are not worth your happiness. If you plan too much or try to take on too many tasks, you might start to feel burnt out. This can lead to stress,frustration, and resentment. You might find yourself more unhappy than happy during what is supposed to be the ‘most wonderful time of the year.’


This year,try to keep things in perspective. Have a meeting with your spouse and children, and try to figure out what is really important to everyone. Odds are good that everyone will agree that they would rather have a stress-free holiday season than a ‘commercialized’ one—which can be a very healthy thing to hear if you usually pressure yourself to deliver something that, in all actuality,doesn't matter that much to the rest of your family.



Above all else, try to remember that the holidays should be about relaxing, having fun,and spending time with the people you love. Do this in the manner that fits best with your life, and try not to feel pressured by magazine covers and commercials that tell you that it has to be a certain way to be ‘magical’.