The one thing that productivity seems to ignore is the emotional side of things. As humans, our feelings influence much of what we do and say each day. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes hard to control our feelings and what’s even worse; sometimes we let our feelings get in the way of taking action.


The good news is that there’s 3 ways to channel those feelings into taking action and getting good results:


1)    Be positive


Often times, we procrastinate most when we’re in a bad mood. Not surprisingly, studies show that we’re more productive (and successful) when we’re in a good mood. To incrementally increase your optimism, measure your successes in bite-sized pieces. See your success as a process and not an event. Even the smallest of movements forward should be celebrated as you getting closer to reaching your goal. Focus on the little steps that make the big steps possible.


2)     Reward yourself


Rewards make us feel good. In fact, research shows that rewards are responsible for three-fourths of why we do things. So, when you accomplish something or get a task done, give yourself a reward. And, if rewarding yourself isn’t enough, use a “device” or a friend.


For example, set a task and delivery date/time for its completion. Then, give a friend $100. Tell them that if the task is done by the set date and time, you get the money back. If you don’t, then it’s theirs. That’s some good motivation right there.


3)     Peer Pressure


We are all products of our environment. Surrounding ourselves with people who we want to be like is much less work than stressing about not getting things done. Join groups and organizations that embody the skills, traits and mindset that you want for yourself. By spending time with these people, you’ll begin to take on the same behaviors and qualities yourself.