Earlier I mentioned that Obama was going to implement a stimulus package for 2009, and I found a short article about it.  This stimulus package is going to be one of Obama’s first actions in office.  Obama thinks that if his “American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan” is not enforced asap then the economy could fall deeper into recession.  This article says that his plan should take affect as early as mid February and is suppose to ”save or create more than 3 million jobs and invest in health care, energy and education, among other priorities”.  Also this plan is going to include tax cuts for business and middle class workers.  What does this mean for us?  I think that those 3 million jobs that are saved and/or created will give the people that are thinking of buying or selling a home the extra money they need to do so.  Another benefit of this plan that could affect us is the investment in health care because if this plan could reduce those high health care cost people and businesses could save that extra money to; 1. put that money back into their business possible creating more jobs, and 2. just save their money for future investments.  Like I said yesterday I think our systems allow us to reach those people that are on the bubble of buying or selling and if they have that extra money to do so, we should be there first thought.  Obama is expected to give a speech regarding his plan today at 11am.  I will check out the details of that when they are available.- Diane & Team