I found an interesting piece today from Realtytimes.com about 2009.  Many people are saying that 2009 is going to be like 2008, which was one of the worst years in along time.  Richard Bove of Ladenburg Thalmann, the investment banking company has a different perspective for 2009.  History has shown us that all downward trends eventually tail off and 2009 can be that year.  There are several positive signs that can lead to the stabilization or rebound of the real estate industry for this upcoming year.  First, they report that the amount mortgage applications are off the charts, though most of them are for Re-fi’s people are still applying. Second, interest rates are at 50 year lows for 30year mortgages at 5%.  Lastly, everyone is paying less for gas, retail goods, and cars.  These are all signs that could have a positive effect on real estate.  Also they reported that people are starting to save their money again, the saving rate went up 3%.  In addition, Obama is working on a stimulus package for 2009; this, on top of these positive signs, could give those people on the edge of buying or selling this year the push they need to buy or sell.  Joe Stumpf says that the best way to attract those people is to get to them “upstream before the reach the pond, were the average realtor is” and our current system allows us to do that.  So by following our systems, keeping positive, and by forward thinking we can have a good year.  -Diane & Team =)