That's right...a new Wawa may be coming our way, right across the street from our office! Check out the full article here:

Is Abington, or the world, ready for another Wawa?

Wawa, the ubiquitous retailer of coffee, hoagies and gasoline, is looking to build a store, replete with gasoline pumps, at the now-vacant parcel near the corner of Baeder, Old York and Hilltop roads.

The retailer is moving forward, as the applicant has met with the Montgomery County Planning Commission. And, according to a township memo, the Abington Planning Commission will hear the application Sept. 19, with a second meeting scheduled for Oct. 23 (if necessary).

The gas pumps

Tonight, the Abington Board of Commissioners will entertain a motion to advertise a special hearing on Oct. 25 to adopt an ordinance amending the township zoning ordinance. The amended ordinance would permit a motor vehicle fueling center use and the accompanying fueling center signs.

From the proposed ordinance:

“ … the Board of Commissioners has determined the need to amend the Zoning Ordinance to provide provisions relating to the regulation of uses which combine a motor vehicle fueling station with a retail/convenience market on the same premises, to more currently reflect the present commercial trends related to such uses …”

The proposed ordinance goes on to say that the site was previously occupied by “automotive related uses.” Also, the site is next to an Acura dealership.

To read the entire proposed ordinance, the pdf section above.

The Wawa near the corner of Old York Road and Rodman Avenue is less than 0.1 mile from the proposed store.

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