Some Ideas from HGTV...

A rainy day isn't the best time to get out in the garden and get your hands dirty. But there are a lot of things gardeners can do indoors to keep their hands busy.

You can press your flowers, dry your flowers or maybe just arrange your flowers. Try making potpourri, herbal soap or botanical pictures.

Rainy days are also a good time to clean your pots and tools. Once your tools are clean, it's time to organize them. Secure an old shoe rack to the wall and hang your tools from it.

And as long as you're hanging around, how about planting a terrarium or repotting some houseplants? Or look through catalogs and order new seeds. You could also make your own garden journal using a calendar and writing down important dates. And get creative: make some fun plant markers, or grow some grass indoors. Try whipping up a moss milkshake to give your pots an aged look.

And later, how about going shopping at the garden center to look for good deals?


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