Pre-paid Home Inspections
Avoid Home Selling Problems with the advance home inspection. Spend $495 up front and then sleep like a baby when the contract is done.

** Diane pre-inspects all of her listings. This helps her sell her listings 4 times faster than the average!

Most sellers make the mistake of not getting a pre-paid home inspection before putting their home on the market. This creates an environment that is ripe for the buyer to buy your home, see what's wrong with it, and then back out. This one mistake fosters a lack of sleep, an enormous amount of stress, and a big waste of marketing time, because after the buyer backs out, you have to put the home back on the market.

A Deal Going Bad After a Home Inspection
Is Like Wasting Two Months Of Your Life...

It doesn't have to be this way. If you get a home inspection done up front, and hand the completed report to the buyer, the buyer will be happy to save the $500 to get their own report done, and everyone will avoid the shock associated with the meticulous details of the report far along into the home-selling process.

About 20% of all homes that are sold hit the snag of "Oh my! Look at this home inspection!" and the buyer wants out. This is very inefficient since you did months of marketing, other prospective buyers and agents saw the home go under agreement, and then 21 days later, it is back on the market.
Having to put your home back on the market will cause you to lose a lot more than $500 when the home does sell.

Pre-paid home inspections are an "expert Real Estate Agent" strategy. Take care of what is necessary beforehand by handling the home inspection early. This will undoubtedly remove any obstacles a buyer might have in going to closing/settlement with you. You will not have to experience the emotional ugliness of thinking your home is sold, beginning your celebration, and then WHAM, getting slapped in the face with the famous phone call from your rookie agent, "the buyer doesn't like the home inspection so they are backing out".

Experts take you out of this stressful situation. They educate you, and counsel you on why this is necessary so that you can have a smooth, stress-free transaction before you move to your new home.

Not using an Expert Real Estate Agent will cause you sleepless nights.