Severe Weather Alert

Residents are advised to make preparations as Hurricane Irene approaches

Thursday, August 25, 2011

As the effects of Hurricane Irene approach the Delaware Valley, Springfield Township residents are reminded to prepare for periods of heavy rain and strong winds beginning Saturday night into Sunday. Please take the following actions to protect you and your family:

FLOODING - Most weather reports are predicting heavy rains and flooding.  If your home or business is located in an area subject to flooding, move all furniture, appliances and posessions to an upper floor.  If you have flood gates or sandbags for doors and windows, consider installing or placing them now.  If your driveway or garage is prone to flooding, or the roadway in front of your home floods, move all vehicles to higher ground.  Make sure all rain gutters and downspouts are clean and in working order.  The fire companies will not pump out basements as there is a potential for structural collapse due to hydrostatic pressure.

WIND - Strong winds may take down tree limbs and utility wires.  Entire trees may come down due to saturated ground.  Extended power outages are possible.  Move all patio furniture and trash containers indoors or secure them so that they do not become airborne.

Residents are advised to have adequate food, ice and bottled water on hand.  Please make sure all flashlights are in operating order and that you have access to an operating telephone and battery-powered radio.  If you are taking prescription medications, please have them filled prior to the weekend.

During the course of the storm do not drive unless it is absolutely necessary.  If you must drive, be on the lookout for debris in the roadway such as trees, limbs and utility lines, and observe a safe following distance from the vehicle in front of you.  If you encounter a flooded roadway, DO NOT attempt to drive through it.  TURN AROUND, DON'T DROWN.

If you encounter a Police, Fire or Medical emergency, Dial 911.