The Family Real Estate Agent

Do not use a non-expert relative Real Estate Agent to sell your home.

The expert and the family member charge the same amount, so it would be mathematically incorrect to choose the person who is less skilled.

Unfortunately, almost everyone who needs to move has a real estate agent either in his or her social circle or family. This can make it difficult to choose the BEST, most qualified Real Estate Agent.

Choosing a non-expert real estate agent will normally cost you 2-5% of the value of your home in mistakes, poor judgments, sub-par marketing, bad negotiating and incorrect pricing.

If your brother, sister, cousin, or whoever is an expert, then feel free to sign with them with confidence.

But, choosing a real estate agent who is less qualified simply because you are related to them is a recipe for disaster. You may feel obligated out of kindness, but in this case nice guys finish last. You will have to come up with some reason why you will not hire them. It is in your best interest.

If you run into problems with your real estate sale and your family member is your real estate agent, you not only risk suffering emotional stress in addition to risking the sale of your home, but you would undoubtedly regret not choosing an EXPERT from the beginning.

Please refer to our expert profile to see if your family member fits the criteria needed to qualify as an expert real estate agent. Unless your family member fits our expert profile, you absolutely should not use him or her. But how can you avoid feeling obligated to work with a non-expert Real Estate Agent whom you know?

If your family member just became a cardiologist, and you have a serious heart condition, do you want your family member operating on you only after a few surgeries, or do you want the surgeon who has been successfully performing heart surgeries for 25 years?

A family member, who does not AVERAGE 50 homes per year sold, is NOT an expert, period. Don't be too nice with YOUR MONEY. It is YOUR money after all. If you enjoy the idea of GIVING $10,000 - $50,000 to a friend or family member, just write them a check. Having them sell your home is the #1 most costly mistake of the average homeowner.

If you want an "out" to make it easier when a real estate agent you know asks, begs, and pleads for your listing, just tell them that your attorney is advising you, and you have already been referred to someone. Let them know that you found useful information on

Choose experience over personal relationship, and you will feel confident while making one of your largest monetary transactions.

Don't hire a family member unless he/she fits the expert profile.

Let the non-expert real estate agents in your life know that has contact information for them on how they can get trained by experts to become more knowledgeable and successfully sell more homes. Your ability to help them become an expert is a much better gift to them than simply hiring them for your one transaction. In the end, they will become better at what they do, and you will avoid losing equity in your home by selling with the proper agent.

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