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Springfield Township Foundation is proud to feature author Elise Seyfried as part of the Local Gems Series on Wednesday, October 19 at 7 pm in the HS library.

Elise Seyfried of Oreland is an author, freelance writer, essayist, actress, poet, playwright, lyricist, church worker and mom of five. She writes a regular column for The Chestnut Hill Local. Her work has also appeared in such diverse places as The Philadelphia Inquirer, Metropolis, The Lutheran Digest, Guideposts Magazine, Simul: Lutheran Voices in Poetry, and the Wittenburg Door.

Elise is the author of the book Unhaling: On God, Grace and a Perfectly Imperfect Life, was lyricist for the Stanley Drama award-winning musical "Flight" and has co-written (with her husband Steve) 15 plays for children. She has completed her second book, Underway, which is scheduled for a December publication.

Elise has spoken to many groups, ranging from bookstores and book groups to libraries), churches, Rotary clubs, and retirement communities. In her presentations, Elise shares stories of her funny, wildly disorganized, chaotic and wonderful life. Her family inspires many of these tales, and as youngest child, Julie, is still in her teens, new material is constantly being developed

Elise is a "music mom" (composer son Sheridan is a graduate of the Curtis Institute; daughter Rose is an audio engineer who studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston). She's also a "military mom" (son Evan is a Naval Academy grad, currently stationed at Pearl Harbor). Her other roles include World's Worst Field Trip Chaperone, World's Most Forgetful Acme Shopper, Oreland's Number One Nervous Wreck, and winner of the Gardening Black Thumb of Doom award.

Elise's story speaks to all ages and stages of life. From tips on how (not) to get through a "chicken pox" wedding, to dealing with her adolescents' piercings, tattoos and bad hair days, to Elise's Primer on Manic Party Preparations, her presentations give audiences an enjoyable glimpse of a "perfectly imperfect" life with its struggles, joys—and lots of laughs.