Recyclebank Rewards Program:

Springfield Township is proud to be a Recyclebank community. Recyclebank is a rewards and loyalty program that rewards people for taking everyday green actions, like recycling, with discounts and special offers from local and national businesses.  In order to participate in the Recyclebank program, all you have to do is 
register your account and then place your yellow recycling container with the Recyclebank tag out each week for collection. Recyclebank will assign 2.5 points for each pound of recyclables diverted from the waste stream. Please note that individual household containers will not be weighed. Instead, Springfield Township will be utilizing a community-based weight system in which households will receive points based upon the total weight of materials collected each day. The weight will then be divided by the number of participating households to determine the number of points earned by each. 

Recyclebank also offers many other ways to earn points in addition to recycling.  For example, there are many opportunities to "learn and earn" about green products and behavior to obtain more points.  Recyclebank also promotes seasonal programs allowing you to practice green behavior year round.  For more information about the Recyclebank program, please
click here.