Is the paint on the house itself fading or chipping?  Is the color outdates or too personal?  Is mildew or mold growing anywhere?  If the house needs painting, choose a neutral color.  White, cram (not yellow) and light grays are good colors for appealing to most people.  Use contrasting colors for shutters: black, rich brown, and medium gray are all good. (One note about gray : avoid blue-based gray; it usually turns out looking like you painted your house blue which is something you do not want to do for resale purposes!)  Doors and molding may match the house or may match the shutters depending on the amount of contrast created.  If you want some ideas for paint combinations, go look at 3 or 4 model home communities that cost $20,000 - $50,000 more than your neighborhood and copy one of them.  One last note on painting: always give the front door and door trim a fresh coat of paint or stain even if you paint nothing else.  Buyers stand at the front door waiting to get in; give them a good first impression.

            If your house was painted recently or if it is a non-painted surface but is dirty, have it pressure-washed.  Also pressure-wash mildewed wooden decks and even sidewalks and driveways that may have oil stains.  Have it professionally done or do it yourself using a solution of 2 gallons of water, 2 cups of chlorine bleach, 1 cup of powdered detergent, and 1 cup of powdered dish washing detergent.  Caution: to prevent damage to shrubs or grass, wet surrounding areas thoroughly before cleaning as well as rinsing the greenery of all cleaning solution afterwards.

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