A friend of a friend of mine was told a story about a fox, and I thought I'd share it with you:

"I talked with a friend of mine and she shared with me the story of the fox.

And it was a cold winter morning and the fox got up early and it decided that it was going to cross the frozen lake.

And it looked out and it knew that there was plenty of food on the other side of the lake in the form of rabbits and other little morsels that they could chase after.

And all it had to do was cross the lake.

And the lake was frozen according to the fox.

And it started its journey across the lake very timidly and very shyly.

And it put one foot in front of the next, one foot in front of the next, and one foot in front of the next.

And it got to about the middle of the lake.

And then it turned around to see how far it had come.

And then it fell in into the cold water.

What I know about moving forward is learning every day just to take another step.

And what I am learning today is looking back has very little value."


Just some motivational words for your weekend!