Happy Monday Morning Everyone!

In the last year or two we have really stressed the importance of Staging for all our listings. Given the down market last year we were still able to have a good year and a key component to this success was the staging in all our listings.  For those of you who are not familiar with staging; staging is when an expert in real estate makes a house look presentable in such a way that when a potential buyer views the house they can imagine themselves living in that house.  Another way to think about someone who is staging a home is to think of them as someone who sets the table for dinner so when that potential buyer sees the table they can envision their family sitting there having dinner.  Staging has really become an important part of listing your home mainly because the positive effect staging has on your homes value.  Staging has been proven to so get sellers more then their asking price or for asking price, especially in today’s buyers market.  Also, the emotional feelings for a prospective buyer play a major role in their selection of a home and having a staged home can allow that buyer to see themselves living there, which positively effects their emotions.  If we staged your home and you got your asking price or more, you would be thankful you chose an expert realtor that could properly stage your home, would you not?