Boo! Halloween week is here. Check out these tips for carving the best pumpkin in the neighborhood!

1. Choose a large, light-colored pumpkin. These are the easiest to carve. 

2. Instead of cutting off the stem, cut a hole in the bottom so that it can be easily placed on top of a candle instead of putting the candle inside the pumpkin.

3. Don't throw away the insides! Keep the seeds to toast in the oven with a little oil and salt for a nice lunchtime snack.

4. Print out a template of the picture you would like to carve and tape it to the pumpkin. Then, poke holes along the lines of the picture. When the picture is removed, just cut along the dots!

5. Finally, if you are nervous about using actual candles, battery-operated ones work just as well to illuminate your scary creation.

Good luck and get carving!