Township Review of Roadways, Curb, Sidewalk, Driveway Aprons

The Township reviews the condition of each street at the end of the year and decides, based upon the present condition of the street, which roadways need to be resurfaced in the coming year. This list is then presented to the Board of Commissioners for their approval during the annual budget process.

Mill and Overlay Program Proposed Street List - 2012 available at

As part of the street resurfacing process, the Township inspects the condition of the sidewalks and curbs on the streets that are to be paved. Using specific measuring criteria, Township inspectors determine which sidewalk and/or curb need to be replaced. The inspectors will mark each section of concrete that will need to be replaced with white paint. Please understand that, in accordance with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s First Class Township Code, the cost of concrete curb, sidewalk and driveway apron replacement must be borne by the property owner (see Township Code Chapter 207-31). Download Chapter 207-31.

Deficient concrete meets specific criteria that is defined in our Guide to Sidewalk and Curb Replacement. Concrete that meets the criteria in the guide must be replaced prior to the commencement of the Township paving program.

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