I spent the weekend in Virginia, my nephew graduated from Virginia Tech. What a beautiful school, in such an amazing setting! I wish I had visited the school before he graduated!! On Saturday, we went to his graduation from the School Of Business in the Coliseum and then traveled around the campus. We visited the Memorial for the students who lives were taken last year, very sad and upsetting. It was hard to believe that this could happen in such a beautiful setting. My nephew was taking an exam while the classroom below his was under attack. Tom and his classmates were not physically harmed, but no one can take away the emotional trauma that affected each and every one of the Virginia Tech students last year.


On a brighter note, we ended our weekend visit witnessing my Nephew getting commissioned into the Marines as a Second Lieutenant. We are very proud of him, he is a very special guy and has now dedicated his life to protecting and serving the country. My husband and I feel honored to have shared in this wonderful & memorable occasion.