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Everyone deserves first class real estate consulting, not just a typical salesperson looking out for a commission check. There is a difference between choosing an Expert Realtor who sells  120 homes a year and the Average Realtor who sells only 5 homes a year.

Who do you want protecting your equity? The home is the largest investment for most people, so when it comes to making money, your home becomes just as important as any other financial investment you make!!

Diane & Her Team are offering on either June 17th or June 18th (Date was just changed) a Free Savvy Home Seller Dinner Seminar at the William Penn Inn. AT the seminar, Diane and Team have 3 main goals for their attendees.

      1. They are more savvy then when they came into the room and the information will help them save up to 12% when selling their home. They will learn the Home Sellers Mission Statement "I deserve the most amount of money, in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of hassles."

      2. They will learn about the 5 Home Selling Sharks: Staging A Home, Pricing, Marketing, Negotiating, OVerseeing Details. If you do not have an Expert Realtor as your consultant fighting these sharks for you, you could lose thousands when selling your home.

     3. They will learn the entire home selling process and how it affects their bottom line.

Refer anyone you know to the Seminar and come see for yourself. Diane's mission is to take the 95% of the people losing money when selling their home down to only 50% in 3 years. Don't keep this a secret... pay it forward and be a Hero!!!