Think about it. We all have friends, co-workers and family members who are in need of some type of real estate related advice.

Maybe you notice that aren't getting around that large home as well as they used to, and are starting to think (or should) about downsizing.

Maybe they are a few years out of college and have some extra money they would like to invest wisely in home ownership.

Maybe they bought their home in the height of the real estate mania circa 2005-2008, and they don't know if they can afford to move.

Maybe they want to stay where they are, but refinance for a lower payment.

If you know of someone that is experiencing these situations, let us know. We can add them to our mailing list or email list to receive invitations to buyer workshops, seller seminars and other helpful information. Just call us at 215-576-8666 or enter their information here.