SLC2F Cash Back Program

SLC2F Cash Back Program

Cash Back For Charity

Thanks for checking in to learn more about our Cash Back Charity program for our Home Sellers.

This is a great way to earn some money for your favorite charity! From the day you become a client to Celebration day, and as a bonus up to 30 days after, you have an opportunity to join the many Raving Fan Advocates of Cardano Realtors. Your status with our Cardano Raving Fan club will move up to Advocate and you will be closer to becoming a VIP client!

Imagine how good you’ll feel when you introduce the people you care about to the people you really trust. Imagine how good you’ll feel when your friends thank you for introducing them to a Team of people, like us, who can help them. Imagine how good you’ll feel when you know that your family and friends are getting advice they can count on to make their dreams come true.

Here is how the Cardano Raving Fan Reward System works during your home Selling process.          

For every person you to introduce to us from when you become a client to 30 days after Celebration Day, you will receive a 5.3% bonus of the commission we receive  to give to your favorite charity whenever that person sells or buys a home someday in the future. You will be notified when they sign up as a client and their progress along their journey to their Celebration Day. The cash back will go directly to your favorite charity, donated in YOUR NAME!

Our Seller clients love receiving money back for their favorite charity. Every year we give out over $25,000 to various charites. So how do you get started? First, you become a client of Cardano, Realtors. Next, from that day on until 30 days after Celebration Day, all you have to do is introduce all of your friends and family that you care about to us by going to and click on Send Us a Referral.  

Even if they are not going to be buying or selling anytime soon, maybe they know someone. So the idea is to add everyone you know to the list and indicate if we should send them something in the mail, put them on our email list or both. Then invite them to one of our events, such as to our annual Client party, our Thanksgiving Pie Drive or to one of our educational workshops for either Sellers or buyers. Let us educate your loved ones and make sure they make the most out of their transaction with us.

We give you the tools. All you have to do is start putting the people you care about on our mailing list. Just dump your whole list onto our list. We won’t call  or harass them. We will let the wonderful experience you had be enough to compel them to call us. At some point in the future, they may want to sell their home with us or introduce us to someone they know that needs our first class real estate consulting. You will get credit for that as well!

Many people ask me, "so what happens after the 30 days after Celebration day?" Well, when you introduce us people you care about after the 30 days after Celebration Day, you will be entered into our Raving Fan Referral Program. At this level, when you introduce us to a friend or family member that buys or sells a house, we will present you with a $50 gift card to your favorite restaurant for first 2 referrals on your tree, and $150 for our any additional referrals. Anytime someone you refer, refers us to someone and they buy or sell a home, you will get a notice and receive a $25 gift. It is the gift that keeps giving!!

The third referral that sells or buys a house places you in our VIP Raving Fan Club. The VIP Raving Fan Club details are online at This club is reserved for our Top 33 clients. To remain in this club, you need to continue to be adding people to your list!

For each referral you give us, we will also put your name in for a drawing for a SPECIAL PRIZE at the end of each year!





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