Consumer Notice

Consumer Notice


Consumer Notice


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The very first piece of paper you will sign, is the Consumer Notice.The Consumer Notice was developed by the PA Association of Realtors (PAR) to assist the public in understanding the different types of agency relationships. The notice is not a contract. It is a disclosure, explaining Buyers and Sellers their Realtor’s role in their transaction. As your Listing Broker, our agency relationship would be your Seller Agent. Our role is to be loyal, keep all our conversations confidential and to disclose to all parties that we represent YOU!

This is a 2 page document. On the first page, there is a list of all the different types of agencies. Since we are listing your home, our agency relationship is Seller Agency. If we were working with you to buy and sell a home, you will sign 2 Consumer Notice statements, each representing the different agency representation.  If you are only use our office to prepare an agreement of sale, or some other service, we would be considered a Transaction Licensee. We would not represent you, we would just be providing a service. Lastly is Dual Agency. This happens in large companies where the broker has 2 agents in the office who represent a buyer and a seller, respectively on the same transaction. That office is now a Dual Agent as the same agency represents the buyer and the seller however, with 2 different agents in the office.

There is another agency relationship call Designated Agency. This is for people who are designated one agent in the office to represent your interests. In large offices, agency is a huge problem as the sellers information is hanging around the office in unlocked file cabinets. It is very difficult to secure your interests in this situation. In our office, all the agents on the listing Team work for our clients. The Listing Team does not work with buyers, therefore,there is no need for designated agency.


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