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The Home Seller Seminar!

New, FREE Home Selling Seminar Reveals EXACTLY What You Must Do To AVOID Losing Up To 10% Of Your Home’s Value When Selling In 2013.

Hundreds Of Agents Have Left The Business, If You Want Top Dollar, And Low Stress, You Will Want To Attend The…

Diane Cardano And Associates Present For You:


This Seminar In Just 60 Minutes Will Educate You On What You Need To Know REGARDLESS You Lists Your Home.  You Will Learn Trade Secrets Of Realtors Who Year In And Year Out Sell 1000% More Homes Than The Average Agent…

More Money For You, The Best Benefit From The Home Selling Seminar.
Less Time On The Market, Another Benefit Of The Home Selling Seminar.
Less Stress In Your Life, Another Benefit Of The Home Selling Seminar.

Click here to register NOW! or call Diane for more details at 215-576-8666

We have decided to step out in front and be the first to offer ongoing free seminars revealing our home selling secrets for the public.  Every problem will be addressed, everyone will receive their solution, and we believe this will take the market by storm.  On June 17th, 18th or JUne 26th, all of the basics will be taught, but the special aspects of this market, how it happened, and when it will end will be discussed, and when it is over, ALL who attend will realize there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  (and it’s not a train coming at you)

Come To Our Seminar, And Here’s What Will Happen:

1. No one will try to list your home, this is an educational experience.

2. You will learn selling secrets you could use with another agent.

3. You will learn how to avoid losing tens of thousands of dollars.

4. You will learn how to greatly reduce stress when selling your home.

5. You will learn how to get your home sold quickly without sacrificing $$.

6. You will get a great dinner, and atmosphere, and it will not be more than an hour of your life.

7. You will get to hear an expert not only in our area, but a leader on the national scene, who gives advice to other agents nationwide on how to constantly get sellers more money in less time.


Dates: June 17, June 18th, or June 26th, 2008, come either night, your choice

Seminar Time: 6:30pm

Where: William Penn Inn, North Wales, PA  215-699-9272, directions will be supplied once you R.S.V.P

Click here to register NOW! or call Diane for more details at 215-576-8666



The Right Move May Give You A Tax Deduction


If you move to a new home because of a new job or a job transfer, you may qualify for a moving expense deduction. The distance between the old home and the new job must be at least 50 miles more than the distance between the old home and the old job. The location of the new home is not taken into consideration.

Whether a homeowner or renter, you can deduct the cost of moving household goods and the direct cost of moving you and your family. You can also deduct expenses for lodging during the move but not meals.

Keep In Mind: While realty commissions, attorneys’ fees and other closing costs are no longer deductible as moving expenses, these costs can reduce capital gains by adding to the home’s cost basis or reducing the adjusted sales price.




Why Is It Smart to Size Up the Schools Before Buying a House?

When you buy a house, you also buy into the area schools. Why should schools influence the home choice of even childless couples? Resale values. Families will often spend thousands of dollars more for a home located in a better school district.

  •  Start with statistics
    Typically the best place to start is with research that relies heavily on statistics like test scores, high school graduation and college attendance rates, student-teacher ratios and spending per pupil. This data can give a snapshot of the condition of a school or school district over the recent past.
  • Visit, walk-through, ask
    If you have children and want to find out what the schools will be like for them, you need to visit the schools and see how well they are run, how ancient or modern are the buildings, and how well equipped they are. Pay attention to class size and teacher workload and whether enrichment courses are offered. You also need to talk to school staff to see what problems exist or are looming ahead. Budget cuts, a demographic shift in the area or local development that overwhelms schools with new students -- all can change the quality of schools.
  • Decide for yourself
    Even if the schools are the best in the state, you should look for what is best for your children. Some youngsters need a small, quiet school where individual efforts are rewarded, others thrive in a large, cosmopolitan atmosphere. Or your children may need personal attention to help cope with special learning styles.




For the uninformed, blogging is hitting the Internet today and making a real impact! What is a blog? An easy explanation of this is a WEB LOG or a journal on the web … it’s a place where folks can “voice” their thoughts, share ideas, or comment on those of others. The communities of Montgomery County, PA now has such a blog where new items of interest will be posted and where comments can be made. Topics can range from those related to real estate and community highlights to local events of interest or anything personal or business related that might be perceived as worthwhile information for public knowledge, discussion and/or use. It’s even possible to subscribe to a blog of interest and receive textual updates on your iPod! Check out the latest updates for Montgomery County, PA


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